26 days ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Eighth grade students received caps and gowns today. Graduation is getting close!
5 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Graduation Deliveries
UPDATED "Master Calendar" for May 2022 Activities posted in Documents
5 months ago, Russ Marino
The numbers are in... Our HCA families donated 840 pounds of food to the Food Bank!! Your contributions will feed 700 people! THANK YOU!!
5 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
" SHOUT OUT to MS. GRAY (4th Grade ELA Teacher) "She shows so much passion in working with children. She is also a person you can come to when the day has been rough. She will tell you when you're wrong or right. She has taken her students, and former students, and has set a path for us to go into the next grade. In conclusion, she is wonderful and deserves to be recognized." -Saniygh Early (Middle School Student)
5 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Mrs Gray
SHOUT OUT from Ms. Jackie Richard to ALL STUDENTS for donating food to the Food Bank! This year we collected 6 bins full! Nice work!!
6 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
food bank
"Sending a BIGGGGGG special SHOUT OUT to all of the hard that Ms. Hart put in for her First Grade class. She is beyond AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG in every aspect and try to help her students in everyway possible. I enjoy that she keep the parents updated !! Keep up the good work you are greatly appreciated! -C. Miles (parent)
6 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Ms Hart
Easter Bunny Photos were a BIG Hit. Our children are beautiful and the Bunny Wabbit was too!
6 months ago, Russ Marino
Easter Photos
SHOUT-OUT to Ms. Robinson!!! (Middle School Math Teacher) "Ms. Robinson takes her time to explain math to the students in middle school. If any of us are stuck, she knows when to come and help us and I'm very grateful to have a teacher like her." -Keilan Jones (Middle School Student)
6 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Ms. Robinson Photo
SHOUT-OUT to Ms. Knighten (Kindergarten Teacher's Aide) "I remember my first day in the 6:45 car line I was so nervous. Ms. Knighten knew every car and could tell me exactly where each student was sitting in the car before they pulled up. She was familiar with each parent and called every student by name as they got out of the car. It's been almost 6 months since I began teaching at HCA and I learn something every day from her. I am so grateful for her and look forward to seeing her each morning." -Ms. Rizzo (Dance & Drama Teacher)
7 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Ms. Knighten
Today our 8th graders met with the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (BRYC) to learn about a free after school program that helps prepare them for college opportunities through improved test scores! Transportation, food, and mentorship provided. Applications being accepted now.
7 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
SHOUT-OUT to Mrs. Young (6th Grade Teacher) "I want to recognize this teacher because even though we are not where we need to be in our grades, she still finds time to help us. I also want to recognize all the middle school teachers because they all try their best for us middle schoolers." -Kaylee Williams (6th Grade Student)
7 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Mrs. Young
"Shout-out for the one and only "Pastor D” who is uniquely prepared to minister to the children of HCA in word and deed. Such a blessing from God!" -Mr. Marino
7 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Pastor D
SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to PreK-4 teacher, MS. QUIETT! "Ms. Quiett immediately stepped in and became the new PreK teacher when we had an opening. She prayed and accepted the position. She has been such a blessing and I am proud she is taking this next walk of faith!" -Principal Burdette
7 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Ms. Quiett
Want to give someone a shout-out? Fill out this form! https://forms.gle/dcRJT3QMewBYVFHP9
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HCA Student and Staff Shoutout
Thanks to Mrs. Robin Tullier for agreeing to teach 8th Grade Math for the remainder of this school year, in addition to her current Library Assistant duties!! We are grateful for your willingness to serve in this capacity!
8 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Mrs. Tullier
FRIDAY SHOUT-OUT honoring 7th & 8th Grade ELA Teacher MRS. WASHINGTON!! "She has given us chance after chance. She shows us so much love and appreciation, and she deserves to be recognized for her hard work!" - Saniygh Early (student)
8 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Mrs. Washington
SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to Nurse James!! "Nurse James doesn't go a day without taking care of several students. She is a life-saver for our students and some of us adults. Not many can stomach what she does! I don't know how the school survived before having a nurse!" - Ronnie Jones (Front Office Receptionist)
8 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Nurse James
Today, HCA Library recognized 59 outstanding students in grades 3-8 for Accelerated Reader accomplishments. These students reached, doubled, or tripled their AR goals. Students were awarded snack bags, free dress, and/or lunch. Go blazers!
9 months ago, Hosanna Christian Academy
Online registration ends Friday 1/28/22. Don’t delay! Click here to access the State Scholarship Application: https://webapps.doe.louisiana.gov/publicapps/scholarshipsonlineapp/
9 months ago, Russ Marino
apply now!