DO’s and DON'Ts Of Chromebook Use

-Charge it nightly so that it is ready for school daily
-Use it for homework and classwork as directed by your teachers
-Keep it clean of any dirt, food, liquids, and debris
-Take it out immediately upon entering and sitting at your desk to be ready for the start of class

-DON’T carry it around campus or within hallways (it should be kept in your backpack in transit)
-DON’T customize it in any way (name, drawing, stickers, scratching, etc.)
-DON’T bring your own headphones or ear buds from home
-DON’T eat or drink while using your Chromebook
-DON’T throw your backpack on the ground while it contains your Chromebook
-DON’T let anyone else use your Chromebook besides YOU
-DON’T use your Chromebook for anything outside of school work