Welcome to HCA Middle School. The Academy's Middle School consists of grades 6 - 8. Our middle school students, and in particular, our 8th grade students, are our student leaders on campus. Additionally, 8th grade students have the opportunity to earn high school Carnegie units in certain courses.

Middle school students also assist teachers and the school's leadership team in the planning an execution of special events for lower school children. Our middle school students are keenly aware of the example that they set for younger children, and they take that responsibility very seriously.

Research indicates that the middle school years are perhaps the most pivotal in an individual's life. Many Christians accept Christ and make a firm determination to follow Jesus between grades 5 and 8. This is also the time when children stop seeing the world in strictly black and white terms and begin to exercise abstract thinking. Middle school children often make choices, good and bad, that shape the rest of their lives.

While the middle school years are not always the easiest (for the child or parent, teacher, etc.), we believe that these years may very well be the most important in a child's life.

We encourage parents to increase, rather than decrease, involvement in a middle school child's life. Just because they say they don't want you around doesn't mean they don't need you around. Learn to exercise patience, consistent discipline, and tough love. Please reach out to us if there is anything pertaining to your middle school child that we should be aware of, as we work together for their success. .

HCA has AWESOME middle school students! Please check out these links specifically designed for middle school students: