Executive Director's

HCA Families:

The calendar year 2020 was a mighty challenging year for most people in the world including your families and our employees.

We are grateful to the good Lord for having brought us through the school year with only a modest amount of lost school days on campus and virtual.

For any of you who have lost loved ones or friends, we extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers. May you be comforted and strengthened through the Holy Spirit.

As educators and administrators, we desire to invest in our children both academically and spiritually in concert with your family. Let us know how we can further help you and your children.

As of this writing (1/21/21), we expect a continuation of the COVID-19 restrictions by the Governor and intend to do our part to minimize risk to our children and employees on campus.

We will continue to communicate to you via TEXTS, EMAILS, and/or CALLS to keep you abreast of school events, activities, and any schedule changes.

May God continue to bless, protect, provide, and strengthen you all.

Mr. Marino

Executive Director