HCA Employment Practices

 Student safety is our #1 priority at HCA, and this begins with our highly selective hiring practices. Each member of our leadership team possesses high moral character and is deeply committed to serving children. Each faculty member must pass a series of interviews and a thorough background check from the Louisiana State Police and the FBI.

Concerning certification, the Louisiana Department of Education has different requirements for teachers in public vs. private schools. All of our teachers and aides have the necessary qualifications and/or certifications to teach in a Louisiana private school. Our teachers are provided continual professional development opportunities, as are our administrators.

In addition to professional qualifications, certifications, and endorsements, our teachers must profess a genuine Christian faith. During the interviews we must be satisfied that each new employee sincerely loves God and is actively practicing their Christian faith. Of course, only God knows someone’s heart, so we depend on the Holy Spirit to give our leadership team discernment about prospective employees.

Just because a teacher is good today, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be good tomorrow. Life changes, circumstances change, and people change. For this reason, all employees of HCA serve as “at will” employees on one-year contracts. This means that teachers who do not perform to our standards no longer have the privilege of working here. Unfortunately, when a mid-year change occurs, it is sometimes difficult to quickly find a suitable replacement thus requiring the use of a qualified administrator or substitute teacher. That being said, our teachers are held to very high standards, for the benefit of our students.

Finally, Hosanna Christian Academy has excellent teachers. Excellent teachers make an excellent school. Please pray that God will continue to bring great educators to HCA and that we will make wise decisions in hiring and retaining them. Thank you for trusting us with your child.